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Revitalizing Dry Skin

In cold winter months, anyone’s skin can go from fresh and glowing to tight and dry in a matter of minutes—the moisture-zapping combination of dry indoor heat and outdoor cold is fast and furious. Bounce back with these three steps, because zombie-chic is not a thing. And Palm Springs Desert is not a skin type.

Step One: Help your moisturizer help you.

Gentle exfoliation throughout the week clears away dead skin cells, which allows moisturizer to penetrate properly and work better. An emollient-based exfoliator like 7 Day Scrub Cream can be used several times a week and on all skin types. Start with clean, makeup-free skin and gently rub the scrub all over using small, circular motions, working up and outward, toward the temples—and don’t overlook flaky skin on your lips, too. Rinse.

Step Two: Run, don't walk, towards extreme hydration.

Top off of your nightly skin care routine with a moisturizing mask to deeply replenish hydration and strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier. What’s easier than a mask that you leave on while you sleep? Warm a generous amount of Moisture Surge Overnight Mask between your fingertips and, starting on cheeks (or wherever you need the most moisture), gently press it into your skin. Wake up to soft, soothed skin that will stay hydrated longer into your day.

Step Three: Keep skin happy all day.

Your new best friend: A soothing moisture spray. Stash it in your desk, locker, car—wherever it’ll be easy to grab and spritz throughout the day. Of course, we love Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief. It renews skin’s radiance with fresh shots of hydration, adds just enough dewiness, and can even refresh fading makeup. Plus, every mist is an uplifting, two-second brain break…always a good thing.

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