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Clear Pores

As the saying goes, what goes in must come out. But when it comes to your complexion, it's not always that simple. Sweat, makeup, pollution—these are the daily assaults that pile up in the bottom of your pores. You may be tempted to squeeze out the gunk, but don't do it. Not only can squeezing cause scarring, but it can also easily damage delicate skin tissue, which leads directly to expanded pore size—very counterproductive. Here's how to safely clear out your pores and minimize their appearance. 

Step One: Do a double deep clean.

It's tempting to skip using makeup remover for the sake of time (or lack of energy), but it's actually a super-important step because it dissolves stubborn products like makeup and sunscreen. Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm effortlessly removes every last trace and leaves skin looking brighter and healthier. So use it first, then wash your face. Your cleanser will do its best work—namely, washing away the oily remains of the day—because it isn't busy tackling that first layer of leftover products. Use a sonic cleansing brush for an even deeper, pore-targeting clean.

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Step Two: Get down to the nitty gritty.

Cleansing alone won't coax out those little black specks of dirty oil. Regular, gentle exfoliation sloughs away dead skin cells that contribute to clogged pores. Bonus: it also preps your skin to better absorb any type of treatment moisturizer

Step Three: Don't forget to protect.

For the most part, your pore size is hereditary. But sun damage (right now and over time) can weaken anyone's skin cell structure, making pores lose their shape and expand. Find a broad-spectrum sunscreen that's best for your skin type, and make it part of your everyday regimen. Oil-free formulas are best for the chronically-clogged. 

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