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Nordic Superfoods
with Sofia Wood

Sofia Wood began posting recipes to Instagram simply because food is her passion, and things took off. She's now known as an official foodie, but her background is in fashion and art—no surprise, given her effortless, cool aesthetic. In a small village flush with pastel houses in Stockholm, Sweden, Sofia lives among airy high ceilings with her husband and their two young children, Otis and Ruby. From her cheery kitchen that we couldn’t help but notice is painted Clinique green (amazingly super-chic taste, Sofia!), she concocts the delightful dishes that she shares with the world.

Her fare focuses on whole foods and plants, many of which she grows herself. And Sofia’s beauty routine reflects the approachable type of farm-to-table living that inspires her cooking. Moreover, have you seen her glowing skin? Our guess is that it comes from great skin care plus thoughtful, yummy cuisine. We asked Sofia how her surrounding Nordic culture—known for its natural minimalism—influences both food and beauty.

The Wink: What is ‘Nordic cuisine,’ and can I attempt it with any hope of success?
Sofia Wood:
Nordic cuisine is all about simplicity and allowing ingredients to speak for themselves, so yes! For example, you can pan roast carrots until they have a sweet scent, and then purée them with a knob of salted butter. Serve the carrots with cooked wild mushrooms and toasted hazelnuts on top for a straightforward dish that is earthy and comforting to eat. We are spoiled here in Sweden with lovely, clean nature and lakes where it’s easy to pick berries, herbs, fruits, and mushrooms for our dishes.

TW: You use a lot of superfoods. Why? And what’s your advice for someone who is getting started?
Superfoods are nutrient-packed, mostly plant-based ingredients that contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants. Quite simply, they are natural, little gifts that help us feel and look better. Superfoods that I always have at home include chia seeds, leafy greens, avocado, fresh berries, walnuts, and raw honey. Maybe start with a sprinkling of nuts and seeds over a salad of leafy greens like baby kale and spinach. Hemp seeds with a squeeze of lemon and some dried chili is lovely on avocado toast. Or try an easy dessert of roasted peaches with walnuts and raw honey drizzled all over.

TW: How can we make our Instagram food photos look better?
Make simple dishes, and plate them in a real-life way. My own experience is that the better the cook I have become, the fewer the number of ingredients and techniques in the dishes I make…and the more people respond to my food photos.

TW: What’s your top Nordic beauty secret?
For a quick, no-fuss pick-me-up, I splash my face with icy cold water after cleansing. It brightens and tightens my complexion. I also always rinse my hair with cold water after conditioner to give my locks a lot of shine. I’m a big believer in the health and beauty benefits of saunas, which are very popular among Swedish people—I go regularly.

TW: What is your favorite skin care ritual?
I’m a fan of proper but gentle cleansing followed by intense moisturization. I also do a weekly mask and apply a thick layer of serum afterwards that I leave on overnight. It really helps my skin recover from everyday life and stress.

TW: What types of masks do you use?
I try to switch it up and adjust to the season. Right now, during the colder months, I love a mask that’s soothing and ultra-moisturizing.

TW: What is your makeup philosophy?
I wouldn’t say I’m low-maintenance, but I prefer a “no makeup” look. I focus on dewy skin and am a huge fan of Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF 30. I fill in my eyebrows to frame my face and feel very undone without that. I always do my lashes in dark brown, which looks softer and more flattering on my coloring than traditional black. My favorite mascara of all time is Clinique Lash Power in Dark Chocolate.

Ready to get glowing in a simply delicious Nordic way? Try one of Sofia’s favorite recipes:

Photos: Petra Bindl | Words: Grace Gold

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